List Of Verbs That Start With Q- Verbs With Q

Here we show you the perfect list of different types of verbs where each verb starting with the letter Q. For example, from here you will get the list of verbs, Positive verbs, Irregular verbs, Action Verbs and so more.

we think that it helps you to know about different types of verbs list. So, if you want to develop your verbs skills then we suggest that you please see our all verbs-related article for learning better about the verbs list. Because in our previous post we shared huge words of verbs. So keep learning about the verbs list which begins with Q and enjoy your life.

Verbs Starting With Q:

In this first segment, we will cover some words of verbs. so, it will support you to learn verb names. Just see it and makes a note for learning future time.

  • Quack
  • Quaff
  • Quantitate
  • Quash
  • Query
  • Quiet
  • Quiz
  • Quarreled
  • Querying
  • Quitting
  • Quoted
  • Quell
  • Quicken
  • Quoting
  • Quiesce
  • Quest

Positive Verbs Starting With Q:

In these segments, you will collect some positive verb names that start with the letter Q. So, if you are searching about positive verbs list in online then these segments will give you a good list of positive verb names.

  • Qualify 
  • Queen 
  • Quicken 
  • Quote 
  • Quarter
  • Quat
  • Quiz
  • Quote

Action Verbs Starting With Q:

You will see only two action verbs that begin with q from here. 

  • Quantified
  • Quoted

Irregular Verbs Starting With Q:

This is also a little segment of this post, Cause There are fewer irregular verbs that beginning Q.

  • Quick-freeze
  • Quit

Phrasal Verbs Starting With Q:

  • Queue Up
  • Quit on
  • Quarrel With

Spanish Verbs Starting With Q:

  • Quejar
  • Quásar
  • Querer
  • Quitar
  • Quedarse
  • Quebrar
  • Querer, 
  • Quitarse.
  • Querochar
  • Quemar

French Verbs Starting With Q:

  • Qualifier
  • Quémander
  • Questionner
  • Quitter
  • Quadrupler
  • Quémander

German Verbs Starting With Q:

  • Quanteln, 
  • Quarzen
  • Quietschen
  • Qualmen,
  • Quoteln.

Verbs that start with QUA:

  • Quarrel
  • Quat
  • Quartter
  • Quap
  • Quaff

Last Thoughts:

Hey! are you excited to see this post? we seem you are really excited because in one article we have shown nine segments of verbs where every single verb starting with Q. So, we seem if you see carefully the complete segments then we sure that your verbs skill will be developed.

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