Countries Starting With H- Amazing Names

Are You Searching For Countries starting with H? You Don’t Get Full List Of Countries that Start with H. Then We Sure that This Post Will Support You To Know About Country Names Which Starting with H. There are Only Four Countries In The Earth that starting with H. So, Here We Are Sharing Four Country Names With Details. Just Check Full List Of Countries that Start with H.

Country Name List That Start With H:

  1. Haiti
  2. Honduras
  3. Hong Kong
  4. Hungary

Haiti Information:

  • Population-11,402,528
  • Area (Km²)-27,560
  • Capital city- Port-au-Prince
  • Prefix- +509
  • Airport- Bowen, Jacmel, Les Cayes etc.
  • Currency: Gourde

Honduras Information:

  • Population- 9,904,607
  • Area (Km²)-111,890
  • Capital city- Tegucigalpa
  • Prefix- +504
  • Airport- Acensa, Ahuas, Apala, Auca etc.
  • Currency: Lempira

Hungary Information :

  • Population – 9,660,351
  • Area (Km²)- 90,530
  • Capital city – Budapest
  • Prefix- +36
  • Airport-Baja, Dunakeszi, Gyomai etc
  • Currency: Forint

Hong Kong Information:

Hong Kong Flag
  • Population-7,496,981
  • Capital city- Hong Kong
  • Prefix- +852
  • Airport-Shun Tak, Kwun Tong, etc.
  • Currency: Dollar

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