Body Parts Starting With O- Good Body Parts

In this post, we will discuss Only Body Parts Starting With O. Because in the previous post we were discussing all names of body parts. we think you are looking only at body parts names which start with O. so, Here you get many names of body parts. Since you are a human, that’s why you need to know about all body parts names.

Human Body Parts Starting With O:

Although it’s a short list But Here we share good names of human body parts which start o. Keep going to check for more details about the human body parts.

  • Ovary
  • Overbite 
  • organs
  • osteocyte
  • oculomotor nerve
  • orbital bone
  • occiput
  • ovarian
  • Ovum
  • oocyte/ovum
  • oxyhemoglobin

Good Body Pars Beginning With O:

  • Ocular nerve
  • occhio
  • oral cavity
  • Osso
  • Overes.
  • Oxter
  • olfactory system
  • orecchio
  • Olecranon proce
  • Ocular globe
  • Obturator foramen
  • ojete
  • olecranon
  • occhio
  • Osso
  • optic nerve
  • Ohr
  • olho
  • Ohren
  • Omentum
  • Oberlippe
  • Overie
  • orbital cavity
  • orto
  • odontoid process
  • outer labia
  • oculomotor nerve
  • optic chiasm
  • Ojo
  • olfactory area

Finally, we seem this post will help you to learn or know lots of body parts which beginning with o. So, you want to learn all body parts names, you can check our site for more details about all body parts names.

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